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10,000-Year-Old Gürcü Tepe: Where It All Ended?

Gurucu Tepe after Gobekli Tepe

Present-day Anatolia in Turkey is home to countless ancient sites that many experts say will rewrite history as we know it. Among them, the most famous are sites like Göbekli Tepe and Karahan Tepe, as well as Sayburç, Harbetsuvan Tepesi, Sefer Tepe, and Cakmaktepe. However, there are plenty of other sites out there that seem to be connected to the ones mentioned above. One such site is called Gürcü Tepe, and it is believed to date back some 10,000 years. As with all other sites, this site too tells the story of an advanced culture that existed at a time when history books tell us it should not. Gürcü Tepe was excavated by famous German archaeologist Klaus Schmidt (he also excavated Göbekli Tepe) in the 1990s. But the site was never completely excavated as archeological excavations were halted. Then, in 2021, archeologists turned their attention back to the site. Excavations continued through 2022, and new discoveries were made. This video offers an update on Gürcü Tepe.

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