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12 Most Mysterious Finds Scientists Still Can’t Explain

12 Most Mysterious Finds Scientists Still Can't Explain

Even though humans have been around on planet Earth for quite some time, we continue exploring some of its most remote places. From time to time, experts come across strange, odd, and mysterious things. More often than not, they are unable to explain their discoveries. This is probably because history as we know it is incomplete. Our knowledge of the past is minimum, and we have a lot of work to do in order to figure out the many mysteries that surround not only our civilization but the origin of humankind.

Countless discoveries made throughout the years challenge our very understanding of history. Countless discoveries that have been made in the past few decades point towards a need to rewrite history books. Mainstream science has become more speculative than ever. However, mainstream science has also become more close-minded than ever before. Is it time to change? Probably yeah, but in the meantime, check 12 of the most mysterious finds scientists still can’t explain.

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