Mystery History

12,000 Year-Old Mask Made With Space Metals?

Ancient Mask 120000 years space metals

Many things are found worldwide by archeologists attempting to unravel the secrets of our past. From strange buildings to strange artifacts, experts are left perplexed every once in a while when they come across extraordinary yet fascinating things. It is well-known that cultures around the world have crafted incredible artifacts across millennia, but some of these artifacts elude explanation. From strange masks to crystal weapons, to megalithic tombs whose structural design seems out of this world, the ancients were true pioneers in more fields than one. But what about a period in time that we refer to as “before written history”? Who could erect incredible monuments with complex geometric designs, and intricate masks made of metals at a time when metallurgy wasn’t even invented? Who was there on Earth 12,000 years ago?

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