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Amazons: did these warrior women exist?


The Real Amazons: Unraveling the Mystery of Warrior Women

Are the Amazons, the fabled tribe of fierce warrior women who shunned men and lived in isolation, a product of ancient mythology, or is there a hint of truth behind these legendary figures? As historians and explorers searched the globe for evidence of these all-female societies, fascinating discoveries have emerged.

The Greek Roots of the Amazon Legend

The Greek myth of the Amazons depicted them as a tribe of formidable women who removed their breasts to better wield a bow and arrow. They lived apart from men, only engaging in sexual relations to ensure the continuation of their society. Male children were either killed or returned to their fathers, while female children were trained by their mothers in agriculture, hunting, and warfare.

Throughout history, the elusive location of the Amazons’ homeland shifted further away as new territories were explored and maps expanded. Today, the comic book character Wonder Woman’s home of Themyscira, an island hidden from the “world of Man” by a supernatural barrier, represents the last vestige of this myth.

The Amazon Myth in the Americas

Although the city of the Amazons was never discovered, encounters with these warrior women were reported by explorers in the Americas. Christopher Columbus, Antonio Pigafetta, and Hernán Cortés all mentioned an island populated solely by women.

Gaspar de Carvajal, chronicling Francisco de Orellana’s expedition along the river that would later be named the Amazon, described an attack by tall, white, and muscular warrior women who wielded bows and arrows. Despite the lack of concrete evidence, the myth persisted into the 18th century.

Archeological Clues: Royal Amazons

To uncover the truth behind the legend, we must travel back in time to the origins of the myth, rooted in even older stories from the East. Here, archaeology has unveiled some intriguing findings: Scythian warrior tombs from the 4th century BC, located north of the Black Sea, containing the skeletons of young women. In some necropolises, female warriors made up 37% of the burials.

These female horse-hunters, who spanned a wide geographical area and thrived for over a millennium, may have inspired the legend of the Amazons, embellished with the fantastical elements typical of ancient stories.

Conclusion: The Legacy of the Amazons

While the existence of an all-female society like the Amazons remains shrouded in myth, archaeological discoveries have shed light on the presence of real female warriors throughout history. The truth behind the legend may lie in the tales of these formidable women who left their mark on the ancient world.

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