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An Ancient Maya Doomsday Message?

Ancient Maya Doomsday

One of the most sophisticated ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica is the Maya. Know for their intricate pyramids, temples, and glyphs; this ancient culture developed the most sophisticated writing system in pre-Columbian America. But in addition to their writing system, they were also incredible in arts and architecture and developed a complex calendar and astronomical system. The Maya civilization spanned across a vast area, including parts of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize, all the way to Honduras and El Salvador.

Although many people believe the Maya went complexly extinct, there are more than 6 million direct descendants of the Maya, speaking around thirty Maya languages in North and Central America. Did you know that the Maya did not call themselves Maya? They did not have a sense of identity, nor did they have political unity.

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