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Baychimo: The Ghost Ship of the Arctic

An illustration of the SS Baychimo

In this article, we delve into the fascinating tale of the Baychimo, an abandoned cargo vessel that became an Arctic ghost ship, drifting for decades without a crew.

The Mysterious Disappearance of the Baychimo

The Baychimo, a 1,322-ton cargo steamer built in 1914, was abandoned by its crew in 1931 after becoming trapped in pack ice in the Arctic. Miraculously, the ship managed to break free from the ice and began drifting along the Alaskan and Canadian coasts, sparking numerous sightings and legends about the ghost ship of the Arctic.

The Baychimo’s Early Years

The Baychimo was originally built in Sweden for the German shipping company Baltischer Lloyd. The vessel was primarily used for trade, carrying goods such as fur, pelts, and ore between Scandinavia and Germany. In 1914, the Baychimo was acquired by the British Hudson’s Bay Company and was employed to transport cargo between trading posts along the Arctic coast of Canada.

The Fateful Voyage of 1931

In October 1931, the Baychimo set sail from Vancouver, British Columbia, bound for Victoria Island in the Canadian Arctic. On October 8th, the ship encountered pack ice near Point Barrow, Alaska, which trapped the vessel and prompted the crew to seek shelter in a nearby Inuit village. After several days, the Baychimo managed to break free from the ice, but the ordeal was far from over.

The Abandonment of the Baychimo

The Baychimo became trapped in ice once again on October 15th. The crew, fearing the ship would be crushed, decided to abandon it and set up camp on the ice. On November 24th, a powerful blizzard struck the area, and when the storm cleared, the crew discovered that the Baychimo had vanished. They assumed the ship had sunk, but it had actually broken free from the ice and begun its mysterious journey as a ghost ship.

Sightings of the Baychimo

Over the following decades, the Baychimo was sighted numerous times by Inuit hunters, sailors, and explorers. In some cases, eyewitnesses even managed to board the vessel, only to find it empty and adrift. The last confirmed sighting of the Baychimo occurred in 1969, nearly 40 years after it was abandoned, when a group of Inuit hunters spotted the ship frozen in ice off the Alaskan coast.

The Search for the Baychimo

Despite numerous attempts to locate and recover the Baychimo, the ghost ship has eluded capture. In 2006, the Alaskan government launched a search for the vessel in the hope of preserving it as a historical artifact. However, the search was unsuccessful, and the Baychimo’s whereabouts remain unknown.

The Legend of the Baychimo

The mysterious tale of the Baychimo has captivated the imagination of historians, maritime enthusiasts, and the general public. The ship’s incredible endurance and ghostly sightings have made it a legendary figure in Arctic folklore. The Baychimo’s story has inspired numerous books, documentaries, and articles that explore the history and possible fate of the vessel.

The Baychimo’s Impact on Maritime History

The story of the Baychimo serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the Arctic and the dangers faced by early 20th-century sailors navigating these treacherous waters. The Baychimo’s remarkable journey highlights the resilience of early 20th-century shipbuilding, as well as the power of nature to shape and transform human endeavors.

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