Mystery History

Biblical Evidence of Lost Pre-Historic Civilizations?

Advanced ancient civilizations

What if thousands of years ago, long before history was even written, advanced ancient civilizations existed on Earth? Is it possible that a lost fossil record could point to their existence? According to mainstream scholars, there were no advanced civilizations before 3,000 BC. However, monuments across the world possibly suggest otherwise. In 2018, NASA scientists Gavin Schmidt and astrophysicist Adam Frank published a paper asking whether an advanced civilization might have existed on Earth long before our time. Perhaps more importantly, could we even tell if there had been an industrial civilization long before this one? What are the possibilities that our planet spawned more than one advanced society during its 4.5-billion-year history? Mainstream experts say it is not possible, even though they offer no conclusive reasons as to why. It would seem that the sole idea of an advanced civilization on Earth, whose existence has been wiped out from the geological record of our planet, is something that mainstream experts believe is preposterous. Can we detect evidence of such civilizations? Unlikely. Does this mean there was definitely not an advanced civilization before us? Absolutely not.

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