Mystery History

Here are Top 3 Mysterious Ruins

Top 3 mysterious ruins

Numerous ancient sites around the world defy explanation. Thousands of years ago, ancient civilizations erected some of the most impressive monuments the world has ever seen. Numerous sites, like, for example, Sacsayhuaman in Peru, are evidence that in the distant past, ancient cultures possessed incredible skills in quarrying, shaping, and placing in position megalithic blocks of stone. Some of the monuments at Sacsayhuaman are so well-built that not a single sheet of paper can fit between the stones. But Sacsayhuaman isn’t alone.

There are other sites where our ancestors worked with nearly impossible megalithic blocks. In Eastern Lebanon, ancient cultures somehow managed to work with blocks of stone weighing over a thousand tons. Baalbek is a site that has many experts scratching their heads. Back in South America, Puma Punku is another mind-boggling site where we have not only megalithic blocks of stone that were cut with laser-like precision, but the stones at the site display strange magnetic anomalies. This video offers more insights.

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