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Newly Discovered Document Validates Bizarre UFO Sightings in Antarctica in the 1960s


Unexplained Aerial Phenomena Over the Icy Continent Draw Renewed Interest

A recently unearthed document supports a series of mysterious UFO sightings over Antarctica in the early 1960s, fueling renewed interest in the enigmatic events that took place in the remote region.

Document Supports Strange UFO Sightings in Antarctica

A rare document recently discovered by Brazilian researcher Rodrigo Moura Visoni confirms a series of peculiar UFO sightings in Antarctica during the early 1960s. Bulletin 62-36 from the United States Antarctic Research Program, operating under the National Science Foundation, describes an unusual sky phenomenon at Hallett Station on July 7, 1962.

The Mysterious Event at Hallett Station

The document recounts how several witnesses observed a bright light traversing the sky from the southern to the northern horizon within 3-4 minutes. The object appeared as three separate lights, with the largest emitting a visible vapor trail. The sighting marked the second such occurrence at Hallett Station that winter, with previous incidents also reported at the SANAE base.

Linking Antarctica and UFOs

Image of the documents that mention the UFO sighting over Antarctica
Image of the documents that mention the UFO sighting over Antarctica

Rubén Morales, a researcher who previously mentioned the case in his book “Los OVNIs de la Antártida,” cited sources such as New Zealand’s Antarctic magazine and declassified Project Blue Book files. The Hallett Antarctic Station was jointly operated by New Zealand and the United States in 1962. Morales pondered the possibility of numerous other reports on strange lights hidden in library archives.

Digitization of Archives Unearths UFO Sightings

With the ongoing digitization of archives and the effectiveness of algorithmic searches, more documents related to UFO sightings, like the NSF 62-36 bulletin, may soon come to light. These discoveries could provide further insight into the enigmatic events in Antarctica.

UFOs Gain Scientific and Government Attention

UFOs have shifted from a fringe topic to a subject of serious scientific study, with agencies like NASA and the Pentagon dedicating resources to understanding these mysterious objects. The change in perception is driven by credible reports from military personnel and commercial pilots, as well as the release of previously classified information.

Exploring Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs)

As interest in UFOs grows, researchers are also focusing on unidentified submerged objects (USOs) sighted over or near bodies of water. Some suggest a possible link between UFOs and USOs, as many sightings occur near oceans, lakes, and rivers. This connection has prompted further investigation into underwater bases or other concealed origins, as the scientific community and the public eagerly await new discoveries that could reshape our understanding of these enigmatic phenomena.

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