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Researchers Make an Unexpected Discovery: A Huge Forest in This Sinkhole in China

Unexpected discovery

From time to time, scientists make a stunning discovery that just takes them completely by surprise. This was the case in 2022, when scientists discovered a massive sinkhole near a Chinese village in the Guangxi district. The underground world, untouched and never-before accessed, is located in a giant hole, 192 meters beneath the surface. It covers an area of 306 by 150 meters. The discovery is unique because of what scientists found inside it. Usually, sinkholes like those in Mexico are filled with water. However, this Chinese sinkhole is a blessing oasis with some trees measuring over 40 meters in height.

What is even more interesting is that scientists believe the sinkhole may be home to some species that have before been described or reported by science. Basically, what scientists discovered is a new, miniature world hidden from our world for millennia. Scientists are expected to report on any discoveries they have made while exploring the came. In the meantime, check out this video.

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