The Biggest Secrets Of The Ancient World

The Biggest Secrets of the ancient world

The history of humankind is a rich one. Stories, legends, and myths describe, among other things, lost civilizations, mythological beings, and things that seem to come straight out of a science fiction movie. But what are some of the biggest secrets of the ancient world? What are some of the most enigmatic myths? And how much truth is there? Tuatha de Danann, for example, is a mysterious ancient race of beings that may or may not have, existed in present-day Ireland thousands of years ago.

If supernatural races is something you are into, Ireland has a plethora of mythological beings. The myths concerning the Tuatha de Danann are unique, mostly because these beings are said to have come from a distant land. These begins are not described as spirits or monsters, but rather travelers who had come from a land unknown to us. Stories of their existence suggest they were very tall, extremely pale, and had sharp green eyes. But many other myths around the globe are equally interesting, and this video looks into the biggest secrets of the ancient world.

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