Mystery History

The Crashed WWII Plane Hidden In A Coral Reef And The Search For The Mystery Bomber

World War Two Plane

World War II was one of the most difficult, catastrophic, and terrible periods in the history of humankind. The global conflict lasted from 1939 until 1945. The vast majority of counties on Earth participated in the conflict. And although many countries participated in the conflict, the war was waged by two sides: the Allies and the Axis. World War II was the deadliest, most catastrophic conflict in the history of humankind, resulting in a shocking 70 to 85 million deaths, mostly young civilians. Tens of millions died due to genocide, starvation, massacres, and diseases.

During the conflict, some 200 planes crashed in the north of Australia. Some of these planes have never been found, and their whereabouts remain a secret to this date. No survivors, no witnesses, and no position to search. However, one of the lost planes was found by Australian Marine explorer Ben Cropp, and his find lifts a part of the veil. Cropp discovered a four engine World War II bomber lying beside a coral reef, an unexpected location to find such a massive plane. This documentary takes you on a journey of discovery.

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