Mystery History

The First Advanced Civilization on Earth! Is It Really Us?

The First Advanced Civilization on Earth

A geologic history known as the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, aka PETM, took place around 58 million years ago. It is a very intriguing period on Earth because it resembles our own time. Carbon levels spiked, temperatures began to rise, and ecosystems around the globe toppled. What exactly caused this strange geologic period is still debated among experts. What possible natural process could have triggered such a global warming period? But what if this odd geologic period was not caused by natural processes?

For the sake of argument, what if geologic periods like the PETM point towards the existence of advanced civilizations in Earth’s very ancient history? And if such civilizations did exist, could we find any physical traces of their existence? After all, geologically speaking, all human creations will be gone in no time. For example, the ancient pyramids that have stood the test of time for thousands of years will erode, as will our pavement, buildings, and entire cities. The culprit will be the shifting tectonic plates beneath our feet. So if one such civilization did exist millions and millions of years ago, it is likely that its existence has vanished similarly.

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