European History

The Lost Worlds of the Mediterranean

Sunken city

Many experts say that the Mediterranean Sea was also the cradle of civilization. In fact, the Mediterranean Basin has rightfully been the cradle of civilization since some of the first settlements on Earth were created. Jericho in 9,000 BC is an example. The word Mediterranean stands for the sea between the lands. But different cultures have given it different names. For example, for the Romans, it was called Our Sea. The Turks named it the White Sea, and the Jews referred to it as the Great Sea. The Germans called it the Middle Sea, and the ancient Egyptians referred to it as the Great Green.

Great ancient civilizations arose all around the basin, spanning from the east to the west and the south to the north. From ancient Mesopotamia to Egypt, Anatolia, Troy, and the Greek states all the way to the Phoenician civilizational beyond. The Mediterranean basin is unique. In fact, no other such basin exists anywhere on Earth. The Mediterranean is a symbol of creativity, wisdom, and exploration. But the Mediterranean is also home to lost worlds beneath its beautiful salty waters.

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