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The Most Insane Ancient Super Weapons

Insane ancient super weapons

As civilizations developed, so did their ingenuity at building weapons for thousands of years. From sticks and stones to some of the most terrifying weapons ever created, humankind knows how to destroy. This isn’t our best side, but it seems that wars have existed as long as humans have been on Earth. According to archaeologists, some of the earliest weapons in history were stone tips. These were used for both hunting animals, but also for fighting battles.

The first fire weapon on Earth is believed to have been the so-called fire lance. This weapon first appeared in China between the 10-12th centuries. But many other weapons were developed, some for personal use, others for mass destruction. Looking back at history, we find interesting accounts of all sorts of weapons, like, for example, the mirror weapons in the Archimedes Era. It is said that Archimedes managed to repel a Roman attack on Syracuse by building a large array of mirrors to reflect sunlight on attacking ships. The sunlight would cause the ships to catch fire. But many other weapons were built in ancient times. This video shows some of the most insane ancient super weapons.

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