African History

This Mysterious Civilization Predates the Sumerians and Egyptians

The Harappan mysterious civilization

The ancient Egyptian civilization is undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated, advanced, and extraordinary civilizations of the ancient world. They built incredible cities, temples, and pyramids. But long before them, other even more ancient civilizations existed. For example, the Sumerians are believed to have been the first civilization on Earth, innovators in numerous things, and builders of some of the very first cities on the planet’s surface. But what if, in the very distant past, long before the Egyptians and Sumerians, other advanced civilizations walked the Earth? What if, during a time when history s we know it was not even written, great civilization walked the Earth, leaving behind a legacy devoured by time? What if long before our history was even written, great civilizations existed, and these civilizations are now lost to time? Can we uncover their legacy and history today?

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