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This Pyramid Changes Our Entire History

This Pyramid changes our history

Pyramids are arguably some of the most ancient structures on the planet’s surface. No matter where we look, in nearly all continents on the planet, ancient civilizations built pyramids. These massive structures seem as massive stairways to the skies. The most famous pyramids on Earth are probably those of ancient Egypt. But these structures are neither the largest nor the oldest, despite their popularity. Sudan, for example, has many more pyramids on Earth. Halfway around the world, in present-day Mexico, we find one of the most giant pyramids on Earth. It is roughly twice the volume of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

But many other pyramids exist, and some of these ancient structures are said to predate the oldest pyramids known to our history books. But not only are some of these pyramids believed to be the oldest, but many experts also claim no other pyramids are as enormous. Enter Gunung Padang.

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