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A mysterious floating megalithic city
A mysterious floating megalithic city
A mysterious floating megalithic city

Mystery History

Who Built This Mysterious Floating Ancient Megalithic City?

Of all the cities we have explored on Earth, there is one in particular that challenges our very understanding of the capabilities of the ancient world. Located in the Pacific Ocean in what is known as Micronesia are the megalithic remnants of what is considered one of the strangest, most enigmatic cities on Earth. Home to countless legends and myths, Nan Madol, defies explanation and wakens our imagination to the wildest of dreams. Located in the “middle of nowhere,” this ancient city is some 2,500 miles from Mania in the Philippines.

Who Built this Mysterious Floating, Megalithic City?

Nan Mandol features huge megalithic blocks of stone. These were somehow placed atop the other to construct a city and a fortress that has survived the test of time. On a larger scale, Nan Madol comprises 92 artificial islets constructed by ancient cultures over a coral reef. This stretches more than one-and-a-half kilometers in length. Even perhaps more impressive is that all are linked together by an intricate network of stone lines and canals. And it is precisely this network that gives it its name, Nan Madol, which means within intervals.




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