Mystery History

Why Didn’t We Hear the Full Wow! Signal?

An illustration of where the Wow Signal may have come from.

One of the greatest, most mysterious signals spotted from outer space in human history is the Wow! Signal has evoked countless emotions throughout the years. The signal, which would eventually cause headlines worldwide, was spotted on August 15, 1977, at 23:16. The Big Ear radio telescope picked up the mysterious signal from Deep space. Its origin was never determined. It lasted for exactly 72 seconds from the eastern part of the constellation Sagittarius. Interestingly, it reached an intensity 30 times greater than background noise. Throughout the years, many theories have been proposed in an attempt to explain it. Was it an alien spacecraft? IS it possible it was a comet? Was it alien technology? Or is it possible that, as some suggest, it was a direct attempt to communicate by an advanced extraterrestrial species? The quest to find out continues to this date.

Did we miss it?

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