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Ancient Aliens? Stonehenge Revealed as UFO Hotspot

A UFO over Stonehenge. Illustration.

On numerous occasions have seen UFOs appear over important ancient sites. Many videos out there claim that, for example, the pyramids of Egypt are a massive UFO hotspot. There are images of objects hovering in the sky, motionless for moments, until they disappear, zooming into the sky. But the pyramids are not the only ones that seem to attract these enigmatic objects. As revealed here, the famous British ancient site of Stonehenge seems to be another interesting UFO hotspot.

What exactly these objects remain a mystery, but things have drastically changed in the UFO community in the past few years. NASA is researching UFOs, and the government has a dedicated UFO office that is painstakingly going through hundreds and hundreds of UFO reports. It seems that finally, now, in 2022, we are a step closer to UFO disclosure. Perhaps next year, even greater progress will be made, and we will finally find out whether UFOs (aka UAP) are a technology crafted not of this world, or nothing more than a secret technology.

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