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What was so scary about Tesla’s ideas?

What was so scary about Tesla

What was so scary about Tesla’s ideas? Were his inventions ahead of his time? Did Nikola Tesla create some of the most powerful technologies on Earth? And how was he so far ahead of his time? Nikola Tesla was born to Serbo-Croat parents in the town of Smiljani, in present-day Croatia. Many refer to him as the father of the 21st century, and he is credited with having invented many of the technologies we use today.

In fact, smartphones, radio, and electricity are just a few topics related to this European Genius. The father of electricity, as many refer to him, invented so much more. But did Nikola Tesla find the secret to unlimited energy? Were many of his patents hidden from the public? And is there really s plot to hide many of his findings? Tesla is no short of a mystery. And many people, authors, and theorists even believe that Nikola Tesla saw many ancient structures as power generators, including the Great Pyramid of Giza. But was this the case? Or are these mere conspiracies? And was anything really scary about Tesla’s ideas?

Featured image credit Al-Jazeera and YouTube.

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